Since 2009 I’ve been fortunate enough to do what I love doing for many universities as opposed to solely for Miami University. But, regardless of when the activities were produced, they are the result of efforts by a lot of people. I don’t create these things totally on my own.

First off, the clients. The faculty who put their trust in me. Then, they have to teach me what I am expected to help teach their students. Sometimes, that’s pretty darn hard.

Flash / Objective C / Javascript Developers make the impossible possible:

  • Danny Cappaccio
  • Andy Roth
  • Ryan Davidson
  • David Fetters

Graphic Designers make everything beautiful or lifelike (sometimes both):

  • Carrie Suskind
  • Kelly Beech-Babcock
  • Mike Link
  • Brad Moore
  • Katie McGinnis

The activities listed on this blog before 2010 were mostly created while at Miami University.  Gail Campbell and Carolyn Gard provide me with the tools (and very good tools I might add). They also believe in me and are the first to support my “wacky” ideas about how to solve some learning problems. No matter how “out there” those ideas seem. I try really hard not to let them down.

The people that I work with daily (or at least often). They exhibit great patience and a willingness to “play along”. They also contribute to these activities’ design, development and testing:

  • Adam Baumgartner- Digital Media Specialst, Miami University
  • Ibrahima Poda- Instructional Designer, Miami University
  • Christian Ratterman- ‘something technical and probably classified’, N.A.S.A.
  • Andy Roth- Actionscript Programmer and Flex Developer, Resource Interactive
  • Yvonne Yau- Digital Media Specialist, Miami University

Last, but not least: I have a many very talented student workers. These are the futures’ bright young minds that I bounce ideas off of, tell stupid jokes to, and harass for showing up to work late. I also use them for slave labor. I think I am fair though. They get some practical experience and the freedom to experiment or make a mistake without getting fired. I get practical programming, or a quick design idea down on paper. Unfortunately, I can’t name names due to some privacy regulation set forward by the government, and Miami U. But, regardless, I love them. The job wouldn’t be the same without thier enthusiasm.

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