Why a blog?

People often ask what I do. When I explain, they look as if they still don’t know. But, when I show people, there is usually a completely different reaction.
I make learning activities. Actually, I like to say I make video games that help people learn.
This blog consists of interactions developed by a team I lead at Advanced Authoring. Each learning activity entry will show the instructional objective and talk a little about the interactions and technologies involved.
It is important to note that the majority of the Learning Objects shown are very interactive in nature. If they don’t appear to be working, try downloading the latest Flash plug-in . These interactions were developed to fit within the space of learning management systems, namely Blackboard or eCollege.

1 thought on “Why a blog?

  1. Hi Mr. Carr,

    I have gone through both sites, but, seem not to get anything I am looking for. Perhaps your guidance might be helpful.

    I am a Masters Student in Management Information System. I want to do a final project on learning. Also, currently I Lecture part-time in INTI. I teach Business Studies. I am looking for a tool that would help me show the impact of Information Technology on learning as my final project.

    I urgently await your response and advice.


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