How long does it take to make one of these learning activities?

It Depends.

The time it takes to complete a project depends on:

  • the complexity of the project,
  • the staff working on the project
  • how many projects are due before the one you want me to build, and,
  • how quickly the faculty can return completed content to me.

I’ve completed some projects in just a few days, and I have been working on others for years. The sewing machine tutorial for example took two weeks. I did the entire project myself (except taking and cropping the photos). The stage lighting project took a little over a year. The majority of the work on the stage lighting was photos/Photoshop and Actionscript programming. Both completely performed by students – who I might add took every academic break they could– a month for winter break, Spring break, Thanksgiving break, Fall break, Summer and two different semesters’ final exam week. In addition, they also only worked about 9 hours per week.

What technologies do you prefer to work with?

I try to use the technology most appropriate for the job. This used to be exclusively Flash. But with portable web-ready devices growing in popularity it is hard to ignore HTML5. In November of 2011, Adobe announced it was shifting gears and focusing Flash on gaming when it came to mobile devices. Sometimes, an learning interaction doesn’t need to be delivered in a native “app”, and deploying via web browser makes more sense. But in the end, I really try to focus on what the learning interaction needs to do.

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