Syracuse U’s Access SU Mobile Site

Enjoyng the 1st year of success from helping create iAdvocate, Advanced Authoring begins working on its second venture with Syracuse University. AccessSU will be a mobile website designed to provide accessible resources and information available on and around the Syracuse campus for individuals with disabilities. Among the resources, a map showing accessible areas of campus such as parking, restrooms, elevators and building access ramps. Plans are also being laid to provide direct routes, and allow the Syracuse community to share comments and tips to help others. E-commerce Store

We took our first step into the e-commerce world helping deliver parts, support and training to its customers. From keyboard trays to car-wash parts, the site features everything needed to keep a rental-car operation running. The mobile ready site allows agency staff to place orders, on location, directly from the facility. And the site provides bonuses like video tutorials for servicing or installing equipment, video support and mobile ready. In lieu of a service call, smartphone video chats can be used to inspect onsite equipment and provide guidance to an agency’s staff. Advanced Authoring will be joining in Las Vegas in March to help advertise and promote the site. See

Mobile Web for Post Bone Marrow Transplant Patients

We worked with Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital to create a mobile web site that delivers information designed to help patients better manage symptoms that usually occur during bone marrow transplant recovery. The site provides helpful advice from former patients and is designed to be available truly anytime, anywhere help is needed. In addition the application tracks patients’ use of the app, which provides valuable research data for doctors and nursing staff to improve treatments.

Adobe Education Exchange – New!!

The Adobe Education Exchange promises to be an excellent source of Adobe curriculum written by and for teachers and for students from k-16. It also will allow its members (sign-up is free) to share ideas and build networks with other educators in the same disciplines or areas of interest. But resources on the exchange aren’t limited to curriculum centered around Adobe products. Ideas, activities and curriculum are categorized by members who share by age group, activity and area of study to make things easier to find.

After being online for a little over a month, it already has over 900 members.

Check it out here!

Transition to Consulting

Advanced Authoring

Friday, August 6 is my last day as an Instructional Designer and Technology Specialist, on campus, at Miami University.

I’ll be moving my family to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where I will be serving as a consultant and Creative Director/Founder for Advanced Authoring LLC. I started Advanced Authoring in 1996 to create websites and presentations. But, after the successes at Miami and several external requests for interactive learning activities, Advanced Authoring will move into the online and hybrid learning space. I’ll helping a number of universities and businesses fulfill their e-learning, mobile and educational game needs.
Some on the list include:

  • Art Institutes
  • South University
  • Argosy University
  • Southern Methodist University

In addition, I will continue support the faculty at Miami.

It’s been a great nine years at Miami. I’ve worked with some incredible faculty and made some great friends at Advanced Learning Technologies. I’ve also been blessed with a team of very talented student workers that help me create these learning activities.

Thankfully, my management always supported my ideas, efforts and creativity to make learning activities more meaningful and engaging to the learner. I also have to thank them for encouraging professional development. I’ve learned so much over the years. Thank you Gail, Carolyn and Robert.

Thank you Miami and A.L.T.!

“Cosmo Quiz” – Rate Your Voice Quality

Rate Your Voice Quality

The “Rate Your Vocal Health Survey”, (aka “Cosmo Quiz”) was created to help students diagnose the health and vocal quality of their own voice. Based on the popular magazine’s “rate your love-life survey” the site is a Likard-style questionnaire about lifestyle choices the student makes. The activity helps students determine the overall quality of vocal health and recommends practices for improving/or keeping their voice in shape.

The activity’s logic provides custom responses based on students’ answers.

Rate your voice quality

New Faculty CD


The Miami New Faculty CD

New Faculty CD Architecture



This project was undertaken to introduce new faculty to the technology resources available at Miami University. Using Flash and XML, it was possible to combine all the commonalities faculty have with specific personal data on a single CD. This combination created completely personalized information including network account settings, departmental library and technical support representatives, user-centered campus maps, academic resources, and discipline specific online learning materials. Duplicating this effort for each faculty member required simply changing userID and academic department variables for each CD. Because of the CD’s success, similar projects in other areas were spawned using the same architecture.

The New Faculty CD included the following content sections:

Your Info:

This section introduces the new faculty to the central computing
resources available to them and provides hyperlinks and easy to
follow instructions for configuring things such as email and web
page accounts. In addition, this area provides the answer to the
most popular question, “What is my user name and password?”

Instructor Resources:

The Instructor Resources section brings to light not only all Miami
University units designed to assist faculty in improving teaching and
learning, but also the MERLOT website, which provides
department-specific online learning materials.


When things go wrong, or a faculty member needs help with
technology, where do they go? This section breaks down all of the
support areas at Miami. It also provides the faculty with their own
academic department’s support representative contact information.

Campus Map:

The campus map contains an interactive version of the standard
fold-out to help orient faculty to the Oxford campus. This special
version initializes by labeling and centering the faculty member’s
academic department with a “YOU ARE HERE” type marker. Then,
provides a link list of common places all new faculty must visit within
the first few weeks of the semester. A click on the list visually
reveals the buildings location in relation to their office.

Huge Tips:

Huge Tips is a helpful list of all of the little known resources
available to faculty, such as reduced-rate home broadband service
and interest free loans for personal home computers. In addition, a
complete list of grants and resources are available.

Local Eats:

A list of all of the local eateries is included for newcomers. Broken
down by type of restaurant, this list provides numbers, hyperlinks to
menus, and directions to the establishment and indicates whether or
not they deliver.