Showing teachers ‘Using SmashFact to Im

Showing teachers ‘Using SmashFact to Improve Student Outcomes’ (Amazon S, 4:15) #site2015 #smashfactapp #siteconf


Reflections on #BigData and student succ

Reflections on #BigData and student success in post-secondary institutions using Predictive Analytics


Interview about mobile game #AmericanDre

Interview about mobile game #AmericanDream on @GettingSmart #edtech #edchat #edreform #IOLchat


Facebook page for The American Dream is Now Live

Facebook page for The American Dream is now up! I’m encouraging those that are interested to visit the page, and hit the “Like” button. Share this and lets make financial literacy a reality instead of a topic that is discussed in our schools for only two weeks!


A Lapse of Posts…

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted on the Learning Activities blog. But, that certainly doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening. Quite the contrary actually.

November brought the end of a UI design (User Interface) project to fulfill a grant from the Mellon Foundation. A very exciting project that focuses on “crowd-sourcing” to help correct data archives.

In December and January, we saw feverish work involving a comprehensive activity to help Intro to Accounting students practice keeping books for a virtual company. In February, we built another Flash-based learning application for Art Institutes Photography program, and helped Syracuse University complete and release iAdvocate app for the iTunes store.

Demand in March broadens with projects from all over the board. Were kicking off a series of interactive mobile learning apps for younger learners, working on projects helping medical doctors improve their knowledge of processes and prescription. We’re also in pre-production talks on a virtual “hands-on” activity helping biology students take things apart- no formaldehyde fumes! To top it all off, we’re helping a rising star prepare an online and social presence for her role in the next season of American Idol.

As these projects become officially released, I’ll be able to write more about them. Until then, please stay tuned…


My screen-cast of an old but good Flash interaction

My screen-cast of an old/good Flash interaction teaching theater students sewing safety. See: or try: