Free SmashFact for your students for two years


Create and share one SmashFact activity covering Common Core (K-12) or discipline-specific intro classes (Higher Education) and receive FREE SmashFact desktop app licenses for two years.


By clicking “I’m interested” you acknowledge that you have read The Fine Print (after the jump) and agree to the terms and conditions herein.

The Fine Print 

The SmashFact activity must meet the following criteria:

  • a minimum of 50 Q&A pairs
  • aligns to Common Core standards (K-12) or standards of discipline-specific “intro” classes (e.g. BIO 101, Intro to Cinema, Intro to Psych) (Higher Education)
  • language used in activity must be relevant to any geographic and demographic (i.e. not school or locale specific)
  • content is timely and relevant
  • requires fewer than 15% changes suggested by our expert reviewers
  • shared with the SmashFact Educator community in the Shared Activity Library

For Higher Education, receive up to 100 free education limited app licenses* for one course (e.g. BIO101) for two fiscal years (July 1st to June 31st).

For K-12, receive up to 100 free education limited app licenses* for one grade at one school (e.g. First Grade at Smith Elementary) for two fiscal years (July 1st to June 31st).

*Free education limited app licenses include the desktop/laptop version (MAC and Windows) only as available from store.


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