Nude Pose Series for Art Institutes

After some consulting for Art Institutes Game Art and Design program, I was asked to create a series of nude pose tools for their figure drawing course.

In a few meetings, it had come up that students taking these courses had difficulty getting models to pose for their nude sketch assignments. In a traditional face to face class, nude models often sit in front of a course and pose for a standard amount of time while students make their sketches. In an online environment, there are a few logistics which complicate this issue: rarely can all of the students “meet” online at a specific time while a model is “streamed” to the sketching audience. Students take online courses for convenience of their schedule. So it’s rare that an entire class can meet at the same time. In addition, most students learning at home can’t afford their own private nude model. And of those that can afford it, few models are willing to have their photo taken digitally so that an artist can “use” it for comparison later.

So I was asked to create a tool that would make this assignment much more doable by students working, and sketching from home. The request called for short and long pose assignments, and an evaluation tool  for each that would help faculty assess the sketches.

For the Short Pose activity, students get 30 random poses for a time limit specified by the faculty, say 1minute. Each pose is proceeded by a pose number which is recorded by the student in the corner of the sketch. The associated pose is shown for exactly one minute, then on to the next pose.

The Long Pose activity lets the students take as much time as they need to sketch a pose. In addition, the activity lets the student choose the model they wish to draw. The viewing angle can be set by the student by rotating the model in 360 degrees.  And finally, adjust the light to deepen shadows on the model. The faculty can then recall either short or long pose numbers to show what the student was viewing while making their sketch.

As usual, I designed the activity to be reusable by any class, by simply swapping out media assets (example: nude pose for still-life) making the activity useful in almost any Art Institute course where drawing or sketching is called for.

© 2012 The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division. Republished with permission from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division. Unauthorized copying or use prohibited.

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About Britt Carr

I am the founder and Creative Director for Advanced Authoring, a company dedicated to making learning more interactive and engaging, and sometimes even portable. I have spent the last 15 years consulting as an Instructional Designer and Technology Specialist for multiple universities' Learning Technologies units. I was responsible for helping faculty and teaching staff include learning objects into their courses. In this role I help faculty develop both personal and distance learning websites, interactive media, and advanced presentations technology. From my innovative work in the field, I have been recognized by Adobe Systems as a worldwide Higher Education Leader. Before assisting universities, I worked as an Internet Strategist for Macromedia, Inc. I created and managed Macromedia’s Innovation Award program which highlighted web developer’s talents and ground-breaking use of rich media in the education and e-Learning fields. I am a certified Macromedia Flash Designer and hold a B.S. in Broadcasting from Northern Arizona University and a M.Ed. in Educational Media and Computers from Arizona State University.

2 thoughts on “Nude Pose Series for Art Institutes

    • Hi Sorry about the delay.
      The Nude Pose tool was made for Art Institutes online sketching courses. So I’m afraid if you are not enrolled, you won’t be able to use it.

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