Interactive Diagram for Art Institues

Last year I teamed up with the Media Development folks at Art Institutes to create the Virtual Studio. The project was a success, which prompted AI to call me for second and related photography course learning object. This stunning interactive teaches students the fundamentals of three-point lighting in a still-life photography setting.

In the activity, the student assumes the role of assistant to a famous photographer, and will be helping him compose and light a shot, based on a diagram. The student first has to construct the set by dragging and placing all the elements to their appropriate spots. Next the student needs to set up and adjust the lights. This portion allows students to manipulate each shadow as it falls on the scene. The photorealistic effects were achieved by using Flash Video and allowing the user to manipulate it’s playback in real-time. The students  move interactive lights in the background of the scene, and their shadows appear in the foreground of the scene showing the camera’s output.

Subsequent modules involve setting other lighting and camera options to create the proper mood for the final shot.

© 2012 The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division. Republished with permission from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division. Unauthorized copying or use prohibited.

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About Britt Carr

I am the founder and Creative Director for Advanced Authoring, a company dedicated to making learning more interactive and engaging, and sometimes even portable. I have spent the last 15 years consulting as an Instructional Designer and Technology Specialist for multiple universities' Learning Technologies units. I was responsible for helping faculty and teaching staff include learning objects into their courses. In this role I help faculty develop both personal and distance learning websites, interactive media, and advanced presentations technology. From my innovative work in the field, I have been recognized by Adobe Systems as a worldwide Higher Education Leader. Before assisting universities, I worked as an Internet Strategist for Macromedia, Inc. I created and managed Macromedia’s Innovation Award program which highlighted web developer’s talents and ground-breaking use of rich media in the education and e-Learning fields. I am a certified Macromedia Flash Designer and hold a B.S. in Broadcasting from Northern Arizona University and a M.Ed. in Educational Media and Computers from Arizona State University.

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