Nokia Phone Trials

So, I signed up to try out some of the newer Nokia Phones. I currently have, and heavily use my iPhone. Regardless, I’m excited to be a part of the program. Since I develop learning activities mostly in Adobe Flash, and since Steve Jobs’ announcement that Flash apps for iPhone will not be sold on iTunes, I figured It’s time to give Nokia a shot.

Some first impressions:

  • I love the way it slides open to reveal the full keyboard. It feels nice in my hands and is easier for me to type with two thumbs.
  • touchscreen requires pressure – bad
  • force feedback when you type – good
  • I figured I’d like the the feel of the keys, and I do. But I think they are still to small- and I have skinny fingers too!
  • easy to setup
  • no first character cap when typing in text box
  • hit areas are a little too small on interface

Can’t wait to play with the voice recognition and compass features.

I’ll be doing some tests on this this week and over the weekend. Stay tuned.