Describe That Tune!


The game's level 1 screen.

“Describe That Tune” combines the fun of a timed “Name that Tune” style game with the cognitive twist of musical style analysis.

Students must guide the “notes” of a song to the appropriate staff that describes the the texture or tone of a given song. The quicker the answer, the higher the students score.

The game features six levels, timed sessions which challenge the students to stretch their music comprehension and expand their analysis skills every time they play.

This Flash-based game was easily re-purposed from the previous games “Jazz By Ear” and “Phun with Phonetics” by swapping out the interaction’s mp3s, and making a few minor tweaks to the Actionscript.

Test your music analysis skills here!

Integrity Quickstart

iQ screen cap

“Integrity Quickstart” is a reformatted, more dynamic version of the Miami University Academic Integrity training. The scenario-based tutorials are designed to inform students on issues of academic integrity and the benefits of building character by making the right choices now.

Each scenario introduces the student to a new topic with a animated Flash video, a set of links to resources for the student and a self test designed to assess the students understanding of the topic.

The individual assets were created with Flash and embedded in presentation template using

See the Integrity Quickstart!