Lighting Parts Quiz


The light parts quiz is an interactive guide to the different components of a theater stage light. Students can explore the different parts by interacting with the light’s parts list. Once students are comfortable with the names and locations of the different components, they can quiz themselves with an interactive 3D version of the light.

The architecture of this learning activity was recycled from the Sewing Tutorial learning object.

See the Lighting Parts Quiz.

World History Time Lines


The World History Time Line series allows students to interactively explore important dates relevant to this history course. Pop-ups show maps of political boundaries as well as photos of art and other cultural artifacts found from the era.

The time lines made use of a reusable architecture which minimized production of these eight customized learning objects.

The project inspired the creation of a tool designed to allow faculty and students to create and save their own interactive digital time lines which include a variety of media (coming summer 2007).

Currently these activities are only available to students at Miami Unversity.