Interactive Sewing Tutorial

Interactive Sewing Tutorial

The learning object was created to reduce the time needed for students to complete the training and master a pre-test in an introductory costuming class.

The activity is played in a few different steps:

  • Step one requires students to become familiar with the parts of the machine by exploring a list of parts the students will be required to interact with in the following activities. Each interactive part has a close up photo and description showing how each part operates.
  • Step two requires students to take a fun quiz by identifying the part described by the function listed.
  • Step three shows an exemplar video of winding the bobbin and loading the thread in various parts of the machine. The video is also available for the iPod (See the job-aide post) video format. Students have been using this as a ‘job aide’ while actually threading the real machine for the first time.
  • Step four is a simulation requiring the students to wind the bobbin, load the bobbin and thread the machine.

Experience the Sewing Machine

“Bud” the Taste-bud

“Bud” The Taste-bud

A part of the International Phonetic Alphabet series, ‘Bud The Taste-bud’ draws its inspiration from a game used to promote a popular movie “Old School”. In ‘Bud’, the student must play sound files of words and phrases while gathering the available phonetic symbols that make up the words all while avoiding obstacles and opponents. The more correct symbols that are gathered the higher the students score.

Play Bud

Layout Activity – Business Cards

Business Card Layout Activity

The Business Card Layout activity was created for the Graphic Design faculty to use during the lecture. The interface allows students to collaborate and view 20 business cards’ layouts, and sort them based on design quality.  A “correct” feature re-sorts the cards based on the definitions provided by the faculty member in class. The activity can be reset and run again to test understanding of the topic.

The interaction was made in Flash and uses an XML structure, which allows the faculty member to replace the cards as they see fit.

I.P.A. Hangman

IPA Hangman

This learning object takes the original hangman word game and puts a spin on it. Students learning the international Phonetic Alphabet listen to sound files and drag the appropriate IPA symbols to the placeholders. Each wrong move brings the main character closer to peril! Thirty-six different random loading words in “Easy” “Moderate” and “Difficult” levels keep students on their toes.

The learning objects architecture is Flash/XML based which allows it to be re-used as a foreign language or iconographic tool.

Play the demo version of IPA Hangman