Jazz By Ear

Jazz By Ear

Jazz By Ear combines the simplicity of “Name That Tune” with the randomness of “Simon”. Students listen to a clip, then move the spinning CD into the appropriate Jewel case.

Game-play begins simple as students identify instruments, and increases in difficulty when they are asked to identify artist, song, artists’ solos and style.  The faster they answer, the more points they get. A random logic is applied to the activity to ensure that each game never repeats the order of the music clips. If students answer incorrectly, the sound clips are recycled in random order to ensure a mastery of content at each level.

Due to the complexity of this activity, the files are downloaded to the user’s hard-drive, then installed. This prevents repeated lengthy download times and allows students using their own computers to track their progress using levels of game-play.

This activity was built using Flash and XML. Its architecture is structured so that developers can modify the XML and replace the mp3 files, and background image to make a completely new activity. See future posts on “Phun with Phonetics” and “Art By Eye”.

To play this demo, you need to download the file below, then unzip to a folder your Desktop. The current version of this game is only available for Miami faculty and students.

Download for Mac (16 Mb)

Download for PC (15.5 Mb)

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About Britt Carr

I am the founder and Creative Director for Advanced Authoring, a company dedicated to making learning more interactive and engaging, and sometimes even portable. I have spent the last 15 years consulting as an Instructional Designer and Technology Specialist for multiple universities' Learning Technologies units. I was responsible for helping faculty and teaching staff include learning objects into their courses. In this role I help faculty develop both personal and distance learning websites, interactive media, and advanced presentations technology. From my innovative work in the field, I have been recognized by Adobe Systems as a worldwide Higher Education Leader. Before assisting universities, I worked as an Internet Strategist for Macromedia, Inc. I created and managed Macromedia’s Innovation Award program which highlighted web developer’s talents and ground-breaking use of rich media in the education and e-Learning fields. I am a certified Macromedia Flash Designer and hold a B.S. in Broadcasting from Northern Arizona University and a M.Ed. in Educational Media and Computers from Arizona State University.

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