Music & Emotion Activities

Music & Emotion

The Music and Emotion exercises help students realize the connection between specific pieces of music and the emotions that were intended to be produced by listening to each piece.

Parts one and two of the four part exercise concern listening to a particularly dynamic piece of music, and reading the composer’s diary about the piece.

Part three allows students to hear a familiar tune – “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” played five different ways. Each version represents a different emotion by adjusting timing, key, instrumentation and inflection. Students simply match the version to the intended emotion.

Part four of the exercise takes the emotion concept one step further. Students are presented with four pieces of film. Each scene has a different feeling (action, horror, drama, adventure) and an accompanying score. Students match the score to the appropriate piece of film.

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Music’s Lyric Translator

Lyric Translator

The Lyric Translator brings context to some German and Italian operas by providing an English translation. This learning object is in the form of a modern-day jukebox. The original object (an open source MP3 player developed by, Matthias & Caroline Kannengiesser allows mp3 files to be streamed rather than downloaded) was modified by us to accept timing and language data. Students select the particular track and as the lyrics of the song begin they are displayed in the original language as well as English. The on screen text is displayed in the same fashion as a movie subtitle.

See the Lyric Translator
To use, select a track (1 – 4 only), then press play.